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About Us

Best Permanent Jewelry as a POP UP business in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and surrounding areas.

Experience the latest trends in permanent jewelry with Beyond Connections Permanent Jewelry. Our jewelers offer a range of options for those looking to ...

Book a Party: Bridal Shower, Wine With Friends, or any special event of eight or more! Host receives a free filled gold or silver bracelet or a 20% discount on the item they choose:

Call me at 303-589-3668 to book: Jewelry has long been a symbol of joy and celebration and has been used to commemorate all manner of occasions throughout ...

Create Your Own Unique Story and Custom Pieces--Yellow, White, Rose 14K solid Gold or Silver Chains!!!

At Beyond Connections Permanent Jewelry, we understand the importance of expressing individuality through unique, personalized pieces. That's why we offer ...


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